ECM Industries

The question is not what we can create with metal. The question is how we do it.

As a supplier of total solutions in metal working, we focus on ensuring your success. We do this both by using our high-technology equipment and through consulting and development of future-proof solutions.

In order for this to succeed, we always involve our many years of experience with metal working and make individual analyses of how our customer’s needs can be translated to provide the best solutions. We also stay tuned to changes in the market. Both for our customers and for ourselves.

Flexibility and professionalism
We base our work on high quality requirements regardless of whether a project is large or small.  Just as important to us are the well-being and productivity of our employees. This is why we tackle both what is hard and soft – always with a professional viewpoint.

This is how we grew from being a small blacksmith’s shop to a mid-sized enterprise with 80 employees, in which all of whom take responsibility for your total experience as a customer. For us, an agreement is a commitment.

We are certified:

ISO 9001-2008, General Quality Management
ISO 3834, Welding Quality Management
EN-1090, CE Labelling and construction of building steel

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