What we stand for

We aim to ensure the success of our customers and contribute to a competitive Danish business community.

Some important values lie behind our professional competences, and these form the basis for everything we have to offer. They are what ensure that our high technological machinery is run by people for whom quality and responsibility are paramount.

This is how it has been since the company saw the light of day in 1977, and since then, has grown and developed both technologically and in human terms. Our values have grown with the company and have always included a natural interest in the world around us. Social and environmental conditions are important to us. This is why we participate actively in charitable activities, in cooperation with SSP (schools, social authorities, and the police) to prevent criminality among young people, and in financial support for local projects. We also only work with sub-contractors who comply with Danish environmental legislation.

Another of our core values is the creative feedback that forms a natural part of our set-up. In other words, we cannot hold off from relating to your needs and providing feedback regarding quality. This means that many of our customers find that we help to ensure forward-looking solutions that optimise the total output for them as customers.

We can only create what we do by being flexible and professional, which are also two of our core values. The market is changeable, but our adaptable staff and production apparatus, make us able to adapt to changing demands. We do this by focusing strongly on quality and on keeping our word.

We do not compete only on price, but also on the whole concept. This means that with us, you do not pay extra for ensuring quality, good environmental relationships, or analyses of opportunities. This is part of our solution for you. This is one of the reasons why we are your total supplier.



To contribute to a competitive Danish business community for future generations.


To ensure our customers’ success by providing consulting and by developing and promoting future-oriented and competitive industrial metal solutions.



Our stable and enterprising staff, together with our extensive production facilities makes us able to quickly adjust to our customers’ changing requirements for a variety of solutions.


We work proactively to ensure that we have the right solutions for our customers. Due to our professionalism and our skilled cooperation partners, we can ensure that the customer can expect the agreed quality and that we take responsibility for what we do and do what we say. For us, an agreement is a commitment!

Creative discussions

We are proud of our ability to understand the true needs of our customers regarding functionality, quality and price, and to contribute to future-oriented solution opportunities that optimise the total experience for the customer. We have experience with solving complex problems and are willing to take on challenging tasks.

Social responsibility

Basically, we believe in responsible freedom and that everyone deserves to have opportunities. This is why we participate in the Danish SSP programme and are involved in charity activities and financial support to local initiatives. We take our social and environmental responsibility seriously and leave room for individuality.


ECM industries A/S ensures your interests through quality certification regarding:

ECM Industries A/S is certified according to

- DS/EN ISO 9001:2008
- DS/EN ISO 3834-2
- DS/EN 1090-1
- DS/EN 1090-2 .

Re-stamping permit B9, The permit applies to materials groups (for CR ISO 15608) with a 3.1 certificate.

All orders are processed through our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Total management of orders, order confirmation with prices, delivery notes, and invoices in the same system, and are linked to product numbers, certificates, position nos., requisition nos. and customer refs.



ECM Industries A/S – ECM is a metal processing high-technology company. We are constantly developing and currently employ 80 people at our central location in the ‘triangle’ area - 15 km to both Kolding and Vejle.

Gazelle Virksomhed
AAA - Højeste kreditværdighed
  • Our history - 1857

    Blacksmith Jens Mortensen hired on contract as town blacksmith in Øster Starup. Five of the village farms owned the forge at that time, and according to the contract, Blacksmith Jens Mortensen was to carry out repair work for them free of charge when they brought their own iron and coal. But they did have to pay for work that did not involve repairs. 

  • Our history - 1863

    A lease contract was entered into on 28 February 1863 by Blacksmith Jens Mortensen. The lease contract went into effect on 1 May 1863 and lasted for five years

  • Our history - 1972

    From village blacksmith to specialised factory. Previously, the main task of the forge was repairs. They still had to be made, but now the focus was on new areas such as sanitation, water and heating systems, as well as special production of spiral staircases.

  • Our history - 1974

    Owned by the same family for 117 years. Article in ‘Dansk Smede-Tidede’ [Danish Forge News].

  • Our history - 1977

    On 15 February 1977, Erik Christiansen started Øster-Starup Smede- og Maskinværksted [Øster-Starup Forge and Machine Shop].

  • Our history - 1979

    Øster Starup By-Smedie’s [village forge’s] fifth generation erects a new, large factory building. A new 300 square-metre building is constructed.

  • Our history - 1980

    In the spring, the move is made from the old forge to the new buildings. At this time, the company made deliveries to the domestic industry and large parts of the production was sent out of house as semi-finished products and on further as 

  • Our history - 1980

    The company received an order for a straw boiler from the British royal family. The company moves to its new site at Runddelen 11.

  • Our history - 1987

    The company celebrated its 10th anniversary. At this time, there were 10 employees and the company was busy with work for companies across the country. 40% of production was exported and 35%  was its own production of

  • Our history - 1990

    Øster-Starup Smede- og Maskinværksted - changed its name to E.C. Maskinfabrik [Machine Factory].

  • Our history - 1993

    The factory was expanded with a 400 square-metre building. This was the fourth year in a row that expansions had been made. At this time, there was so much sheet processing that three shifts were implemented. In September 1993, the building was ready and completely new machinery was installed.

  • Our history - 1994

    At this time, the company had more than about 2000 square metres and a staff of 34.

  • Our history - 1997

    The company celebrated its 20th anniversary. In addition to the factory at Rundelen in Øster Starup, there was a branch in Vester Nebel, where there were two shifts, while there were three shifts in Øster Starup. At this time there were 47 employees.

  • Our history - 1998

    At the beginning of November, the company was awarded the Municipality of Egtved’s ‘Knøw’ prize. The prize is awarded in recognition of the good efforts that support the municipality’s commercial policy. The prize was awarded on 6 November, 1998.

  • Our history - 2002

    The company celebrated its 25th anniversary. The company expanded with a new building housing an advanced punch press. At this time there were only three such machines in Denmark. The company now had 48 employees.

  • Our history - 2007

    The company celebrated its 30th anniversary. The company now had nearly 4000 square metres and 60 employees.

  • Our history - 2010

    EC Maskinfabrik changed its name to ECM Industries A/S. The change was made due to the increasing export to, among other places, the American market as well as to the Chinese market. The change also reflects the willingness to change and the will to follow developments in global competition.

  • Our history - 2014

    Certification  sends ECM to the top. On 1 July 2014, it became a legal requirement for forges in the building sector to have certification. ECM already had decided in 2013 to obtain an EN1090 certificate.